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Chris Jones (Coyle High School)

Phone: 405-466-2242


Classroom Tour!!!!

Click on one of the videos below to get an inside look at the Jones Academy of Mathematics classroom at previously at Woodland High School in Fairfax, OK and currently at Coyle High School in Coyle, OK.† Throughout the videos you will get a glimpse of what the actual JAM classroom is all about.† A few things you might notice throughout the tour: the use of Accelerated Math with Kindle Fire tablets, gamification of the classroom using Classcraft, an actual arcade machine, the removal of the teacherís desk from the classroom, the document camera, the shout out and action boards,† multiple TV screens, a standing desk station, the help me lights, the JONES STORE, and much more.† Be sure like the video and subscribe to the Jones Academy of Mathematics YouTube Channel.