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Algebra II Videos

The “Jones Algebra II Objective Library” covers a wide variety of topics in algebra that would be classified more advanced than what is covered in Algebra I.  Topics in this library include: systems of equations, logarithms, conic sections, complex numbers, quadratic equations, simplifying expressions, domain, range, functions, and more.  There are 150 objectives in this library with several online video lessons.  As you will see in the video lessons, we make use of both the TI-30XS Multiview Calculator and the TI-84 Plus calculator.  Clicking on the objective title below will take you to the YouTube page containing the recorded lesson pertaining to that particular objective.

Objective 22: Translate words into inequalities

Objective 23: Graph inequalities on a number line

Objective 25: Graph compound inequalities on a number line

Objective 26: Absolute value equations

Objective 27: Absolute value inequalities

Objective 28: Graph absolute value inequalities

Objective 38: Write equations given point and slope

Objective 39: Write equations when given two points

Objective 48: Write an equation given a point and a parallel or perpendicular line

Objective 50: Graph linear inequalities

Objective 84: Negative exponents

Objective 85: Apply properties of exponents

Objective 86: Multiply expressions with signed exponents

Objective 93: Imaginary numbers

Objective 94: Complex numbers

Objective 96: Multiply complex numbers

Objective 101: Factor a GCF from a quadratic expression

Objective 102: Factor a trinomial

Objective 103: Factor a perfect square trinomial

Objective 104: Determine the value need to make a perfect square trinomial

Objective 105: Factor a difference of square

Objective 108: Determine the solution to an equation in factored form

Objective 110: Solve a quadratic equation

Objective 111: Solve a quadratic equation

Objective 114: Solve a quadratic equation using the quadratic formula

Objective 115: Quadratic formula song

Objective 118: Solve a quadratic equation by taking the square root

Objective 119: Quadratic equations with no real number solutions

Objective 120: Solve a quadratic equation with complex solutions

Objective 122: Find and use discriminants

Objective 123: Determine the graph of a given quadratic function

Objective 124: Solve a quadratic equation by graphing the related quadratic function

Objective 130: Parabolas-Find vertex from equations

Objective 131: Graph parabolas; axis of symmetry; vertex

Objective 132: Graph sideways parabolas

Objective 133: Graphing parabolas

Objective 134: Graphing square root functions

Objective 135: Graphing absolute value graphs

Objective 136: Graph nth roots

Objective 137: Graph exponential functions (Basic Introduction)

Objective 138 & 139: Conic sections-Circles

Objective 140: Conic sections-Ellipses

Objective 140 & 141: Conic sections-Hyperbolas