Algebra I Videos

Chris Jones (Coyle High School)

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Objective 2: Number line subtraction

Objective 3: Write a difference as a sum

Objective 4: Identify rational numbers on a number line

Objective 5: Compare negative to negative or positive to negative numbers (NEW 2020!!!)

Objective 6: Compare numbers in unlike forms (NEW 2020!!!)

Objective 8: Order numbers in fractional and decimal formers in

Objective 9: Compare and order rational numbers (NEW 2020!!!)

Objective 10: Approximate the percent of a shaded region

Objective 11: Determine the percent when a ratio is given in words

Objective 12: Word Problems—Convert between decimal and percent (NEW 2021!!!)

Objective 16: Word Problems—Multiply or divide fractions

Objective 18 & 19: Stem-and-Leaf plots

Objective 20-22: Mean, median, mode and range

Objective 23: Box-and-whisker plots

Objective 26: Evaluate a one-variable expression

Objective 27: Evaluate a two-variable expression

Objective 28 & 29: Distributive property and C.L.T.

Objective 31: Identify like terms

Objective 33: Simplify expressions using distributive property

Objective 37: Combine like terms with parenthesis

Objective 38A: Practice with equations

Objective 40A: Solve equations with rational numbers

Objective 40B: Solve equations with rational numbers

Objective 56: Evaluate fractions with integer powers

Objective 57: Reciprocals

Objective 77: Find slope from two points

Objective 78: Graph linear equations (y=mx+b)

Objective 79: Slope intercept form

Objective 80: Find slopes from equations (NEW 2020!!!)

Objective 81: Horizontal and vertical lines (NEW 2021!!!)

Objective 82: Graph linear equation (NEW 2021!!!)

Objective 84: KILL FRACTIONS

Objective 90: Write equations given slope and y-intercept

Objective 91: Point slope form

Objective 92: Write equations given two points

Objective 93: Determine an equation that represents a table

Objective 97: Evaluate a function for a given input

Objective 98: Interpret a function that can be modeled in function notation

Objective 99: Model a situation with a one variable linear equation

Objective 100: Solve a problem that can be modeled by a one variable linear equation

Objective 101: Represent a situation with a linear equation using two or more variables

Objective 102: Solve a two variable linear inequality for y

Objective 103: Graph an inequality in a coordinate plane

Objective 104: Determine a two variable linear inequality when given its graph

Objective 107: Determine the graph to a two variable linear inequality

Objective 112: Solve a system of linear equations using any method

Objective 113: Solve a system of linear equations using substitution AGAIN!

Objective 114: Solve a system of linear equations with elimination

Objective 119 & 120 Multiply two binomials

Objective 121: Multiply binomials (ax+by) (cx-dy)

Objective 122: Square a binomial

Objective 123: Factor the GCF out of a quadratic expression

Objective 130: Subtract polynomial expressions

Objective 131: Multiply a polynomial by a monomial

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The “Jones Algebra I Objective Library” consists of several introductory algebra topics for beginning high school students.  Topics in this library include: word problems involving fractions, statistics, expressions, equations, inequalities, linear equations, number lines, coordinate planes, systems of equations, functions, polynomials and more.  There are 150 objectives in this library with 45 online video lessons.  As you will see in the video lessons, we use the TI-30XS Multiview Calculator on a regular basis.  Clicking on the objective title below will take you to the YouTube page containing the recorded lesson pertaining to that particular objective. Filming for Algebra I will resume in August and you can expect more videos to be posted in early September (perhaps even sooner).   Additionally, we have a fully typed Algebra I workbook available for purchase on our Teachers Pay Teachers site.  Several sample pages from the workbook will be available for free and will be posted on this page of the Jones Academy of Mathematics website.